Our Vision

To become a leading social enterprise in Africa that elevates women for wholeness.

Our Mission

To build a strong network of independent, women leaders empowered economically, socially and psychologically.

Our Mandate

To coordinate and facilitate a dynamic network for the exchange of ideas, sharing opportunities and accelerating the development of women in their social-economic endeavors.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism  

Vuma Globewomen Network Strategic Pillars Focus is centered on:

  1. Facilitating women to economic empowerment, leadership & governance.
  2. Coordinating bold initiatives and programs designed to support women’s business enterprises which then transform their communities.
  3. Creating economic opportunities that see women build assets for themselves and their communities at large.
  4. Promoting Community Social Responsibility

Vuma Globewomen Network Strategic Pillars Objectives

  1. To help build market linkages locally and internationally.
  2. To empower women with the skills to grow, become successful business owners and effective change agents.
  3. To create programmes that will provide networking opportunities for women
  4. To help women leverage their time and talents to achieve financial security
  5. To educate women on their health, fitness and wellness
  6. To create awareness and advocate for women in leadership.

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