Our focus is on four main areas where we mentor for personal growth, business growth, leadership and mentor for impact.

Personal Growth

Our one on one sessions with our members help them explore in depth who they are and where they are going. As a result members are able to develop positive lasting change, create value for themselves and others, passionately live each day with energy and joy as well as well as feel alive, healthy and peaceful.

Business Growth

We support our members with the development of their businesses by pairing them with experienced business professionals i.e. leaders of small and medium-sized businesses. They learn about trends in their areas of interests, get exposed to new sectors and gain fresh perspectives.


Our programme helps to improve by filling in the skills gaps to provide our members with the insider tips on how to develop and grow their leadership skills in whatever way they perceive to be most appropriate to their specific context and circumstances(both personal and professional).


We provide our members with essential wisdom & tools that help them start and succeed as mentors

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