Membership Benefits

Groups and Corporates will receive the following benefits:

  1. Subsidized costs and activities: Members will receive VGWN products and services at subsidized costs.
  2. Access to high quality products and services: Our members will have access to a wide range of quality assured and affordable inputs from our reputable partners.
  3. Special Mentoring Support:  VGWN will offer mentorship to committed and active members in their area of operation along the entire development path, from early learning through business planning and into operations.
  4. Access to capital and investment: Through table banking, members will readily access funds which would not be available through the normal banking system, coupled with favorable repayment terms.
  5. Access to regular business management, technical training and continuous professional development: Members will all have access to regular business and technical training opportunities in order to assist them improve their business skills. In addition professional development through a team of experts in various fields will be at hand to ensure that our members have access to the latest best practice techniques to improve their products or services.
  6. Access to new innovative programs and services: VGWN seeks to introduce a wide variety of innovative programs and services that will be exclusively available to all our members thereby giving them a competitive edge in their business operations.
  7. Recognized and trusted national and global brand: VGWN is spreading out within and across borders and will spare no effort in its activities to ensure that it builds a successful enterprise brand recognized nationwide and internationally, which is committed to building a strong network of independent, women leaders empowered economically, socially and psychologically.”

Individual members are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Subscription to periodic digest; links to websites and networks of relevant organizations and individuals
  2. Access to a network of experts through our interactive database where members share ideas and resources, offer mentorship and advice, and form partnerships
  3. Access to special announcements regarding professional activities such as conferences, meetings, scholarships, upcoming events, etc.
  4. Access to up-to-date gender and financial literacy-related publications, reports and knowledge.
  5. Access to VUMA events (including meetings, side events, conferences, training workshops or special mentoring sessions etc.) and their reports.

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