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Our favorable loan repayment terms, the incentives we offer to our members in form of discounts and bonuses, the value we give in form of training programs regarding issues facing individuals in the contemporary world, privileged access to upcoming conferences and events within their areas among other benefits.
Our perks and benefits including the different programs we offer, relatable and relevant content we share, our favorable terms of table banking repayment loans, other members’ experiences.
Vuma empowers women in Africa by addressing major gaps i.e. poverty, gender equality and barriers that obstruct them from realizing positions of leadership and influence and take on them.
So that you can enjoy a gateway to an extensive network of local, knowledgeable industry knowledge and experts; you would also get access to educational programs and events that are informative, unforgettable and fun; and experience a home for rich resources, innovative ideas, and unprecedented opportunities for growing and giving, and become an agent of change by driving collective action.
We welcome individuals just starting out on their businesses or who already have businesses, all the way to private organizations and parastatals to join us. If you or your organization are interested in becoming a member, you will need to fill an application form online on our website on the relevant apply button (join us) and select the criteria for the type of membership i.e. if individual, group or corporate- each of which has its benefits. Once done, submit it. Alternatively, pick a physical form at our offices, fill it and send it online or leave it signed at our offices. The one time application fee is non-refundable and goes for Kshs 1000 per individual and Kshs 5000 for groups.
We host an array of both free and paid events and programs that are educational, informative and unforgettable and our members will immediately get notifications on upcoming conferences or events in their industries, as well as buy the tickets at discounted prices.
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